EPOS software

Wondering what EPOS software is? It is a central point of the catering business. EPOS system (point-of-sale system) is a combination of a terminal and software that allows for transactions between the staff and the customer. This system simplifies the management of the establishment.

Many owners of catering establishments benefit greatly from EPOS software. This is not surprising, these systems improve sales processes, and yet the success of an establishment is based on sales and a high level of customer service.

EPOS software functions

Our EPOS systems provide more than just convenience in everyday transactions. We increase our customers’ chances of success by providing them with tools to effectively manage their entire catering establishment.

Many of the key processes in the management of a catering establishment are tedious and exhausting work. EPOS software has been developed for staff and establishment managers to improve their work and spend more time on professional customer service.

What do you gain thanks to our system?

  • Sales reports – aggregate and analyze sales data to make precise business decisions;
  • Inventory control – manage and keep inventory under control to know when and how often to order products;
  • Personnel management – time recording and shift scheduling;
  • Compatibility – possibility to create multidimensional reports and export to other calculation programs;
  • Graphical visualization of the room – an accurate mapping of your establishment, simplifying the reservation of tables and improving the service for guests;
  • Many, many more – we invite you to familiarize yourself with all the modules and their functions that Foodsoft offers!

Should I introduce EPOS software in my establishment?

The market reality indicates that a large group of establishment owners are still hesitating to introduce EPOS software into their business.

The introduction of new technology is always associated with fear and uncertainty about the return on investment. This is probably the main reason for the resistance to implementing software for the catering industry.

The lack of a central management point, such as EPOS, can lead to the slowing down of your business development and missed relevant data. Having insight into sales reports, stock levels or access to the analysis panel, you can make more accurate decisions in managing your catering establishment.

One of the frequent objections to EPOS systems is the fear of complicated program operation. FoodSoft software is a product refined in the smallest detail – providing a pleasing to the eye design and intuitive interface, which can be easily handled by the staff of the establishment. In our system, entering products, replenishing stocks or carrying out transactions is pure pleasure.

Which EPOS system to choose?

Now that you know how EPOS software can help you develop your establishment, it’s time to choose the right system.

The basic question you have to answer is: What does my establishment need? You certainly know very well what your establishment does not need – expensive, outdated and complicated Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality  . However, knowing what is necessary to develop a catering business requires time and observation.

Team FoodSoft, thanks to many years of experience in increasing the efficiency and growth dynamics of catering establishments, will help you to make decisions about choosing the right EPOS system. In addition to the highest quality hardware and software, we provide advice and assistance in the selection of modules. Trust us, we have mastered the introduction of technology to the catering establishments to perfection.