Software for the network of establishments

What is most important in running your business?

Managing a network of establishments is one of the most difficult tasks in the field of gastronomy. Lack of possibility of personal supervision over each of the warehouses significantly increases the risk of losses. Any changes in the price list, or introduction of novelties and promotions, in turn, involves direct contact with each of the restaurants. The lack of efficient communication also hinders the exchange of articles between the establishments.



What do you need to achieve your goals effectively?

First of all, efficient Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality   that will keep up with the dynamically growing business and allow for full control and central management.


Full control of warehouses

Our software allows for continuous control of the stock levels of individual restaurants. Thanks to this, the chain manager can centrally supervise the costs of food preparation and, if necessary, modify them on an ongoing basis according to the established company strategy. This gives the possibility to react almost immediately to various, unforeseen situations. The system also allows to control an unlimited number of central warehouses in different geographical locations. Thanks to this solution, even the most complex catering chain can fully plan and supervise purchases for all premises. This allows to reduce the costs resulting from the service of each restaurant by other suppliers.


Extensive client base

In the case of a chain of catering establishments it is very important to create your own client base. Preparing a personalized promotion or discount is one of the best marketing tools. Our software gives you the ability to build a database that takes into account the address, phone number and transaction history of each customer and allows you to generate individually tailored discounts. This form of gratification encourages consumers to place orders again. This not only increases the value of the average bill, but also contributes to customer satisfaction. Additionally, the possibility of central management of product availability and promotion parameters supports cross-selling activities.


Advanced reporting system

It is very important for people operating a chain of catering establishments to be able to generate immediately an appropriate report, which is the basis for effective business management. Managers using our software can do this automatically, and in addition, the continuous reporting via e-mail allows them to be up to date with the activities of each restaurant. The system also provides the possibility to centrally introduce changes in the functioning of all establishments. Such functionality is an excellent way to react quickly to the current situation in the company. Appropriate calculation and control of food profitability is also one of the most important issues in catering. In order to calculate the appropriate food cost it is necessary to check the indicators on an ongoing basis. Our software allows for regular reporting of this value, both in real and theoretical terms.

Additionally, it is extremely important to be able to aggregate all analytical data from the entire catering chain in one place. Such a solution allows quick access to the required information and generation of even an annual report in a very short time (even in 2 seconds). All this is possible thanks to the integration of OLAP cubes with an Excel sheet.

Properly selected and personalized system will improve the functioning of the entire catering chain and reduce the costs of warehouse maintenance.