About us

At FoodSoft we provide complete solutions for catering establishments. Together with our customers we work for their success. Our software for catering is a guarantee of effective management of the establishment.

Quick and easy access to information on sales and stock levels as well as efficient guest service – these are the foundations of the most prosperous establishments in the very competitive catering market.

You invest in new technologies, but your establishment benefits from them only a small percentage? This is probably because the software is designed to solve only a single problem. Meanwhile, FoodSoft’s Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality   treats your business as a nervous system – ensuring the proper flow of information, communication between the staff of the establishment and streamlining order processing. All this translates into an increase in the quality of customer service, sales and profit growth.


We provide comprehensive catering programs that allow:

  • instantly get information on the sales and turnover of the establishment,
  • shorten the time of transferring orders on the kitchen-room line,
  • introduce new products to the market faster than competitors do,
  • control stock levels and replenish them in good time, reducing storage costs,
  • analyze sales trends and create an offer that meets clients’ expectations.

Whether you run a popular restaurant, small café, fast food bar, pizzeria, confectionery, pub or nightclub – the multitude of modules that are part of our catering program create unlimited possibilities to adapt the software to any type of business.

Why us?

FoodSoft is a tightly knit team of people who come to work with a view to solving problems of the catering industry. We are passionate about developing and delivering only the most innovative software for the catering industry. We call our technology tailor-made, because we customize catering programs and all equipment to individual customer needs. We approach each case individually, because we believe that every business has something unique in it, which distinguishes it from the competition.

Our mission

FoodSoft’s mission is to provide owners of catering establishments with practical tools for effective business management. We help to implement catering programs so that not only large but also small businesses find themselves in the era of digitalization. In accordance with the changing requirements of the market, we update and refine the product so that our customers always provide their guests with the highest quality services.

Our values

Customer focus

We know perfectly well that the success of our customers is also our success – that is why they are our greatest asset. We enjoy every triumph of the catering establishments with which we cooperate. There is nothing better for us than the awareness that every day we help to improve a piece of the world of catering.


Building long-term relationships is the foundation in today’s business world. We support customers at every stage of implementation of Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality  . From professional advice in the selection of equipment, through installation, to after-sales service. Our customers can rest assured, because they know that if they need help from us, we will take care of every problematic issue comprehensively.


We are perfectionists in everything we do, it is an integral part of our company. We mobilize for constant development and create the highest quality software for the catering industry. We do not do anything a bit. Our motto is “get things done”.


We love what we do. We believe in our work and our values. The enthusiasm and commitment that accompanies us every day has made building the success of catering establishments a lifestyle for us. We derive a lot of joy from seeing our customers satisfied. We know that we not only help them to develop their own business, but also shape their own passion.

We have cooks who know the recipe for success in the catering industry. Trust us, let’s enjoy this dish together!