Software for cafés

What is most important in running your business?

The cafés are characterized by fast service and a large variety of products offered. For today’s customer – coffee drinker, it is very important to be able to choose the right milk for coffee (skim milk, fatty milk, lactose free, soya, etc.) and to select various additives (double espresso, coffee syrups, whipped cream, ice cream, etc.). A well-developed loyalty program is also necessary for this type of establishments. Many clients buy coffee every day, hence the possibility of adding points and discounts additionally motivates them to visit a particular café.



What do you need to achieve your goals effectively?

Individually tailored Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality   that will allow you to optimize customer service and increase the profit on your average bill.


Easy customer service

A very important function for the café is the possibility of table and take-away sales. In both cases it is important to have an efficient service and the ability to minimize mistakes to a minimum. That is why our Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality   allows you to take table orders using tablets. Thanks to this, the waiter has the possibility to quickly suspect the composition of products in order to inform the customer about possible allergens and, if necessary, to change the order composition. It is then immediately forwarded for processing and important remarks, such as food intolerances, are not lost in the multitude of other orders and customer questions.


Promotions and hints

This module gives the possibility of programming and automatic realization of promotions. Thanks to that, the staff does not have to remember about them – they appear on the screen automatically. This function is an excellent tool supporting cross-selling. Proposing additional products as part of a promotion or discount increases the value of an average bill and affects customer satisfaction with the transaction. Additionally, an extensive function of loyalty programs with the use of various types of cards (magnetic, contactless) or other identifiers and codes, allows for quick calculation of the discount.



Quick and accurate settlement of stock levels

Cafés, due to the frequent modification of the composition of the finished product by the client, have a big problem with proper settling and summarizing the stock levels. In order to facilitate the work of the entire staff of the establishment, our software provides extensive possibilities of exchanging additives and ingredients, while allowing for their correct removal from the warehouse, and a smooth settlement of the client. Additionally, integration with electronic scales facilitates and accelerates the sale of weighed articles. Thanks to these features, the possibility of making a mistake is minimized, which translates into accurate control of products in stock.

The system, properly selected and personalized for your establishment, will allow you to improve customer service and meet their expectations for the service, eliminating the most common mistakes.

We encourage you to contact us. Let us prepare the system according to your needs!