Software for discos

What is most important in running your business?

First of all, the efficiency and transparency of the service in the bar. The number of guests per one bartender is extremely high, orders are varied and customers expect fast service. Working in such conditions can cause numerous mistakes, especially those related to taking off the appropriate alcohols and additives from the warehouse. In order to make the work of the bartenders easier, it is necessary to streamline the issues related to the payment of the drinks purchased. Accepting the payment and giving out the change seriously burdens the employee, which results in slowing down the service.



What do you need to achieve your goals effectively?

Innovative technological solutions that will not only streamline the service process, but also minimize the possibility of errors resulting from the giving out of the change and, consequently, increase guest satisfaction.


Proper taking of products from the warehouse

The service of the bar is associated with frequent execution of orders outside of the drink menu. Different guest preferences may prove problematic in the final settlement of the bill and warehouse. In order to facilitate the work of the staff, FoodSoft software provides the possibility of exchanging ingredients and additives for others in each item of the drink menu, which allows to create completely new compositions, according to the customer’s wishes. Thanks to this, any ingredients can be removed from the stock in the appropriate amount. This function allows real-time control of the number of specific articles, and the possibility of making a mistake is minimized to a minimum.



Non-cash settlements

Discos are characterized by the presence of a large number of clients at the same time, which can cause difficulties in settling charges at the bar. In order to facilitate the work of bartenders and to minimize the frequent claims of guests for improperly given change in such cases, the FoodSoft brand introduced the possibility of non-cash settlements. The code band is printed individually for each client. A separate account is also created, to which the client can deposit any amount of money. Non-cash settlement at the bar consists in scanning the bracelet code. The consumer can check the balance of his/her account at any time on the scanners placed in the establishment and, if necessary, fund it with additional cash. Such a solution not only improves client service, but also prevents their dissatisfaction, which could result from possible financial mistakes.


Properly selected and personalized for your establishment, the system will allow to improve customer service and minimize the number of complaints made by guests, resulting from the fast pace of work and service mistakes.

We encourage you to contact us. Let us prepare the system according to your needs!