Software for confectioneries, ice cream parlours and bakeries

Effective programs for managing a bakery, confectionery and ice cream parlor.

What is most important in running your business?

An intelligent program to manage a bakery, confectionery and ice cream parlor.
The sale of complex products, such as various flavors of ice cream or rolls with various fillings, can be problematic during issuing orders at checkout and stock clearance. The sale of weighed products, in turn, is associated with frequent errors that occur when transferring product weight to the cash register. Therefore, in running a confectionery, ice cream parlor or bakery it is important to have solutions that support the daily work of the staff, minimizing the number of mistakes, and thus increasing the satisfaction of clients who count on quick service



What do you need to achieve your goals effectively?

An efficient program for the bakery, confectionery, ice cream parlor and bakery, which will allow to minimize the number of errors resulting from the fast operation of the establishment and maximize profits by optimizing the work of the service, is extremely important for the operation of every confectionery, ice cream parlor and bakery.


Quick service

Please note that programs for bakeries or confectioneries may differ. This type of establishments are characterized by a mixed way of selling. We can meet with both table service, fast and take-out products. Our programs for bakeries, thanks to a customized interface for this type of establishments, allow you to efficiently purchase several products at once (several rolls, the same loaves of bread). The possibility of cancelling orders, on the other hand, minimizes the number of mistakes and enables a trouble-free service, even for the most hesitant clients. In addition, the cooperation of the bakery program with electronic scales facilitates and accelerates the sale of weighed products.


Controlling orders and stock levels

Another important issue is the possibility of using product recipes and their production, thanks to which the system removes goods from the warehouse in due time. In addition, FoodSoft software, based on the sales history, and taking into account such factors as the weather, holidays or days off, tells the store staff how much goods they should order. This solution facilitates sales optimization and reduces the number of returns. Moreover, the program for the bakery allows for full integration with the production line. When the store marks the missing products, the program will divide them into individual ingredients and redirect them to the appropriate production stations. Finally, the software will re-complet the order so that it is properly sent out to the individual establishments as required.



Building customer relationships

The best way to build a lasting relationship with the client is a properly composed and implemented loyalty program. The FoodSoft program for confectioneries, bakeries and ice cream parlors allows for handling various types of discounts through coupons, vouchers or cards. In addition, based on the previous order history, it allows to develop discounts individually for each client, which results in consumer satisfaction and increases the value of the average bill. The software is also integrated with the weather station, which makes it possible to analyse sales depending on weather conditions and thus introduce appropriate promotions or happy hours.

A system properly selected and personalized for your establishment will allow you to improve customer service and fully control the inventory and production processes.

We encourage you to contact us. Let us prepare the system according to your needs!

The software can also be adapted to the chain of establishments.