Software for Fast Food bars

What is most important in running your business?

In fast food bars the most important element is efficient client service. Extended time between accepting an order and its execution often results in unsatisfied clients. The fast pace of work, characteristic for this type of restaurant, may in turn make it difficult for the employee to offer additional options or promotions which multiply the profits from sales. Equipping your business with appropriate tools that will help optimize the time of order preparation and support employees in cross-selling will increase efficiency and escalate profits of the restaurant.



What do you need to achieve your goals effectively?

First of all, efficient and transparent Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality  , which will be adapted to all the needs of the establishment. Which of them are the most important in case of fast food restaurants?



Our software allows you to use a simplified login, which allows the staff to immediately accept the order from the client. An additional advantage of the system is a simple and intuitive interface with fast food selection buttons and an order wizard function that “makes sure” that the waiter takes all necessary steps to place a full order, which minimizes the number of possible complaints caused by its incompleteness. For every question of an inquisitive client, the waiters will in turn be helped by the instant access function to the description of the dish with its possible allergens and calories. Such a possibility, in the era of numerous food intolerances and popularity of diets that exclude certain ingredients, is extremely useful. The system also cooperates with fiscal and kitchen printers, which saves time and eliminates waiter’s mistakes, resulting from the prolonged delivery of an order to the kitchen or … its complete omission.



How to earn more with our software? The promotion and hints module allows the crew to increase the value of the average bill, which translates directly into increased profit. Thanks to the fact that promotions are displayed automatically in the system, the employee does not have to remember them. The best form of convincing the client to visit the restaurant again will be loyalty programs. An appropriate system will not only remember the orders of a given client, but also, on the basis of these data, prepare a personalized discount or promotion.


If the establishment also takes care of deliveries, it can use the Delivery module, which facilitates the full handling of telephone orders, from the notification to the final settlement of the driver. It allows to identify the number of the caller, assigning their address and the most frequently ordered dishes. The module is also fully integrated with Google maps, which allows to draw access zones and define delivery charges, depending on the zone and value of the order. In addition, it allows you to impose the addresses from which the orders come on the Google map, and thus to conduct an analysis to determine which areas of the city we reach with the offer of the establishment, and which we have not yet reached or the offer is not competitive there.

A system properly selected and personalized for the restaurant will allow to streamline every step of client service, saving not only valuable time, but also eliminating the most common mistakes.

We encourage you to contact us. Let us prepare the system according to your needs!

The software can also be adapted to a restaurant chain.