Systems for catering

Did you also experience a moment of frustration when you bought a new cell phone or laptop and could not find the basic options? Everything seemed complicated to you and the manual was written in a language that only software developers could understand? Now imagine that with a large number of guests in a restaurant, the staff is fighting against non-functional Software for Gastronomy/Hospitality  . The feeling of annoyance increases dramatically in both the clients and the restaurant staff. In the former, it is caused by extended waiting time for a meal, in the latter by an annoying working tool, which turns out to be an unsuitable system for the catering industry – which also translates into a lower quality of customer service.

That is why you need a system in your establishment which will not only become superfluous electronics, but will be a tool to improve the efficiency of your catering establishment. FoodSoft catering systems are characterized by ease of use and intuitive interface, guaranteeing the highest possible comfort and speed of work. Check it yourself!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci used to say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We believe that this is an extremely apt observation, therefore the FoodSoft catering system was designed so that even people who are inexperienced in the use of electronic systems can freely use it to improve their work. Many of the basic operations have been simplified for this purpose.

Przejrzysty i czytelny układ menu nie wymaga zbyt wiele czasu, aby pracownicy lokalu opanowali obsługę system do perfekcji. Bez problemu poradzą sobie z nim również starsze osoby, które uważają, że nie radzą sobie z najnowszą technologią. Interfejs został zaprojektowany w celu maksymalnego ułatwienia pracy na ekranie dotykowym ? nasz team stworzył duże i wygodne przyciski, miły dla oka design oraz wyposażył systemy dla gastronomii w opcję spersonalizowanego układu menu, dostosowywanego do preferencji pracowników.

Working on our equipment is pure pleasure. Our staff carries out clients’ orders with a smile on their faces, for which they pay you back with more frequent visits and recommendations among their friends.

Tailored software

One of the main advantages of our systems for the catering industry is the choice of modules, which adapt the system to the requirements of the particular establishment. Thanks to this we are able to provide infrastructure for both small and larger catering businesses.

In practice this means that we offer the most flexible solution on the market. You choose which modules will be suitable for your establishment, and if you have a problem with the choice, our consultants will be happy to help you choose a master set.

FoodSoft catering system – we guarantee that once you trust our software, you will never again use the offer of another producer. Functionality, design and simplicity is a sensational combination. Join the FoodSoft team!