Software for pizzerias

Do I need a program for a pizzeria?

What is most important in running your business?

In running a pizzeria, a flexible approach to the client is very important. Statistically, most changes in the composition of a dish are made in the case of pizza. Unfortunately, often IT limitations do not allow for the modification of ingredients due to the difficult disbursement of products in the warehouse or inability to settle the order at the checkout. This kind of barrier does not encourage the client to visit the establishment again. If you want to take proper care of your business, it is worth to bet on simple solutions, which will translate into increased profits.



How to effectively achieve your sales targets using a program for pizzerias?

In order to equip your business with the best tools, it is good to invest in efficient and transparent software for pizzerias that will allow effective sales support.


Splitting pizzas and exchanging additives

For many pizzeria clients it is very important to be able to order two different pizzas prepared on one dough. In order to meet their expectations and at the same time facilitate the work of the waiters, our program for pizzerias allows you to quickly and conveniently register half a pizza, so that the order can be processed smoothly, without later problems with billing the client. One of the most important features of the program for pizzerias is also the freedom of exchange of ingredients, which allows for a seamless summary of the stock levels. From the perspective of the person managing the establishment, the possibility of using semi-finished recipes and their production (e.g. pizza dough) may also prove useful.



Delivery is an essential part of the functioning of most pizzerias. The program for pizzerias module will help suppliers to determine the shortest route, and the management will allow full control over the status of the delivery and will make it easier to settle the driver, making it much more efficient. Each company also needs solid marketing tools that will allow for in-depth market analysis. Our software allows you to assign addresses from which orders come to Google map. This creates a clear picture of the areas of the city where the offer of pizzerias is popular and places where it is not yet competitive. The Delivery module also allows you to define the delivery charge depending on the zone and value of the order.



Loyalty programs

The best way to encourage consumers to return to the establishment are discounts and loyalty cards. Our software allows you to handle flyers, coupons and vouchers, through the ability to define payments according to the discount. What is more, the promotion module works automatically, so the restaurant staff does not have to remember about offering them. Appropriate discounts appear automatically after entering the order. Such functionality allows to increase the average bill, which directly translates into escalation of the restaurant’s profits and client’s satisfaction with the promotion tailored to his/her preferences.

Properly selected and customized program for the pizzeria will greatly facilitate the work of the crew, thus increasing the turnover of the establishment.